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Wetrack is a is a technology savvy, fast paced, vibrant start-up specialized in testing and adapting new web product with subscription business models. 

We are a young and dynamic company. Aiming at achieving high objectives.

All of our employees have a previous experience in the subscription based online services. We are now working on new products for our customers such as: Home Assistance services, Auto Assistance services for Selling, Buying and Maintaining your car.

We provide our customers with fully tested and operational products including expertise in the following fields:

  • Design
  • Web-development
  • Web-Marketing
  • Product definition
  • Partnership negotiation 

Our working language is English. 

We are working in partnership with the Iron Lab (irongoup.co) as one of their main product testing suppliers.

Here's the website: wetrack.io

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Wetrack Business Developer (Barcelone)
business development International Innovative start'up Spain product launching
Stage temps plein - Barcelona (Spain)
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6 mois

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