Upmy is a payment method that reinvents the online shopping experience, by focusing on building a unique shopper-centric solution

Our mission is to simplify shoppers' online experience by offering high value added services through a “super checkout”.


We consider checkout to be the epicentre of online shopping: it is the crucial step for every e-commerce site. Hence, improving checkout can profoundly impact the overall shopping experience. 

Today, checkout is still a particularly painful step for online shoppers. We believe there’s a better way. By focusing on building a unique shopper-centric payment method, our disruptive approach turns the old-fashioned checkout on its head. We are convinced that, in order to offer value to merchants, great value must be offered to shoppers first

With easy-to-use technology and services, Upmy offers its members the best online checkout experience: unlimited instant discounts, 1-click payment, and soon: free returns, free shipping, anti-fraud guarantees, options to pay later or in installments, and many other services. 

We’re making online shopping simpler and more accessible via checkout benefits that shoppers actually value. 

Our goal ? To build the new standard for online payment.


For our 1st version of the product we focus to solve 1 single pain. The online shopping experience still suffers from expenses costs. Our solution is to offer benefits at checkout. 

Our product is a payment solution that enables online retailers to accept online card payments. 

Upmy is a unique payment solution that offers £5 discounts to the shoppers on each order. With Upmy, the shoppers get £5 off directly on the payment page. 

Our model is based on a yearly membership paid by shoppers, allowing them to receive unlimited £5 discounts on each order, and at no cost for the merchant. 

Our Premium Membership is offered directly at payment without having to re submit payment details. 

Our payment method provides 1 click payment once the shoppers have registered with us. 

Upmy is a cross merchant solution. As a user, with a Upmy account, I do not have to register or to pay my subscription on each merchant. Once I am a member, the 1 click payment and my membership works on all Upmy's merchants.


The founding team has a strong background and past successes in the SaaS, E-commerce and payment industries. With solid experiences in B2B and B2C contexts, the founders want to create in Upmy a unique place where user empathy and data are at the core of the product and the model. 

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